Moon Island is an island state that is part of the large nation of Shops Island. Its capital is Dancing Penguin City, and the largest (and the first founded) city is Moon Island City. Moon Island was founded May 5, 2012, in present day Moon Island City in Moonover. It wasn't that much active in the first year and a half, but in 2013, Penstubal and many more users came to reform Moon Island. By 2014, Moon Island already became what it is today.

MoonholmNorholmDancing Penguin SubregionSirpatheHamshireMoonoverWizzintineF.A.R./Freezestonian Autonomous RegionConholmGolden CoastTanthuFederal TerritoryMountMoon Island States no-ocean
CelestvillePort AquariusDancing Penguin CityQ CityQuaxionSan PenguinoVirtual CityEpic CityMoon Island CitySnowvilleGdanhamNew Peng CitySan AnderrieEpiciaPuffleVilleQuackervilleNew LOL CityNew Quack CityMoon Island City no-ocean

Moon Island has 13 states / substates with their own rights given by the constitution, including the rights to build cities on the state, monuments, to govern it by your rules, and so on. There is also a Moon Island Council / Parliament in Dancing Penguin City where Moon Island governors can propose topics and vote on enacting it. Citizens themselves can also participate in the government by claiming ownership over an unclaimed state, or by simply going to the Moon Island Government Building and at the section for Moon Island Issues, the citizens can propose stuff to be discussed at the Council.

Gallery of Moon Island flagsEdit

Moon Island Flags


All the cities, villages, towns, mountains etc. in Moon Island!

Subregions and CitiesEdit

State Substate(s) State population Capital Capital population Other settlements Other settlements' populations Governor
FlagOfMoonholm Moonholm FlagOfLunares Lunares
FlagOfDanea Danea
409,872FlagOfCelestville Celestville192,012FlagOfAquariusPort Aquarius15,718Aquamarina14
FlagOfIsleOfSakuradai Sakuradai Islands2,142
FlagOfNorholm Norholm No to lunar Quackholm
QuackyFlag Quacky
WestNorholmFlag West Norholm
QIFlag The Island Of Quaxion
QFlag The Island Of Quackington
379,092FlagOfQCity Q City199,999QuackerFlagQuackerville188,888Quackerpingu
NewQuackFlag New Quack City???
QuaxionFlag Quaxion???
SankFlag Quackington???
FlagOfConholm Conholm20px West Conholm
20px East Conholm
100,24020px New LOL City100,240 N/A N/AMrdave921
FlagOfDPS Dancing Penguin Subregion20pxD.P. City North
20pxD.P. City South
20pxDas er Boire
317,896FlagOfDPC Dancing Penguin City210,101 N/A N/ADps04
FlagOfSirpathe Sirpathe N/A878,329 20px Epicia878,329 N/A N/A Dave Von Epic
FlagOfMount Mount N/A450,097FlagOfPuffleville PuffleVille N/A N/ATheNintendoKing
FlagOfMoonover Moonover N/A504,374 FlagOfMoonIslandCity Moon Island City745,253FlagOfVirtualCity Virtual City130,129MIC Administration
N/AFlagOfMoonover Epic City149,961
20px Hamshire N/A154,25620px San Penguino56,948 N/A N/ASillybudz
20px Wizzintine N/A 353,901 GdanhamFlag Gdanham201,176FlagOfNewPengCity New Peng City Penstubal
FTFlag Federal Territory of the Moon Island Council N/A 75,987 N/A N/A N/A N/A MIC Administration
FlagOfGoldenCoast Golden Coast N/A803,00020px San Anderrie674,000FlagOfGoldenCoast Pheonix119,000 Slender/Jonathan Mason
FlagOfTanthu Tanthu N/A223,100 N/A N/A N/A N/A
FlagOfF.A.R Freezestonian Autonomous Region N/A122,65420px Snowville57,528 N/A N/ASnowstormer
Moon Island Flag Moon Island^4,743,857 (Nov 22nd, 2015)FlagOfDPC Dancing Penguin City210,101^^Moon Island Council

Monuments outside of citiesEdit