This is the first episode in the Penstubal's Totally Crazy Adventures series! Enjoy, or i will eat you...


It's morning, 10 AM in Wizzint, Moon Island. Kids are playing football and hide and seek outside and are enjoying themselves. Penstubal William Coder, the mayor of Wizzint, wakes up. He yawns. He exclaims how it is a nice day. He then hears an ice cream truck outside...

Gatuti the ice cream delivery guy: ICE CREAM, GET YOUR FRESH ICE CREAM! Free fresh ice cream!

As soon as the penguins around hear the word ice cream, the entire neighborhood begins to rush up to the ice cream truck.

Chill: OOOOH, ICE CREAM! Let's get some Mario!

Mario: Sure!

Chill and Mario rush up to the ice cream truck.


Gatuti: Alright! (Gatuti prepares a scoop of ice cream)

Penstubal also heard the word ice cream.


Penstubal punches his closet, breaking it apart. The clothes fall of the closet on Penstubal and Penstubal is dressed up. Penstubal quickly runs in front of the door to get his shoes. He opens the door.

Marsey Coder: HEY BROTHER! There is an ice cream truck here! Wanna get ice cream???


Marsey Coder: HA! You don't stand a chance. I'M A PROFFESIONAL ATHLETE!

Marsey is a really popular sport player all over Shops Island. He played in over 2000 tournaments and his minimum place he ever got in sports was 5th place.

Marsey and Penstubal start running up to the ice cream truck. Penstubal passes by Marsey. Marsey pushes Penstubal, and Marsey passes by Penstubal, eventually reaching the ice cream truck. Marsey accidentally pushes the ice cream truck, and the ice cream truck starts going downhill...

Marsey: Oops...

Penstubal: NOOOOOOOOOOOO! I WILL SAVE YOU ICE CREAM TRUCK! Penstubal chases the ice cream truck downhill

Marsey, Chill, Mario, some kids, Brookelas: NO, DON'T!!


The ice cream truck was rolling downhill about to hit a house.

Penstubal reaches the ice cream truck.


Gatuti manages to reach Penstubal's flipper. However, Penstubal trips and starts rolling down hill. The ice cream truck flips over, and also starts rolling as well.

Penstubal: AUGH! DOH! OUCH! AGH! AW!

Penstubal eventually bounces off the road to a house and bounces off to the road. The ice cream truck squashed Penstubal, and Gatuti falls of the ice cream truck on a house. Penstubal and Gatuti become unconscious. The entire neighborhood runs over to Penstubal and Gatuti. Doctors comes by.

Doctor Penquino: THIS IS A SERIOUS MEDICAL INJURY! Doctors Bro and Angryjack, please take them away to the Wizzintian Hope Hospital.

Doctor Bro and Doctor Angryjack: Ok.

Meanwhile, after a couple of operations in the hospital lasting 29 hours non-stop, Penstubal and Gatuti open they're eyes and breath normally like nothing happend. They leave the hospital.

Penstubal: Wow, that was INTENSE! My head still hurts tho... ouch.

Gatuti: Yeah, mine too- ow.

Penstubal: Meanwhile, it's 2 AM. Let's go home and sleep.

Gatuti: Agreed.

And they both go to bed...

Chapter 1: Bee bee ba dooh be bee boo!Edit

Later that night, at 2 15 AM...

Penstubal: GAH! I heard some weird sound...

(a ghost like sound is heard down the corridor in Penstubal's home)

Penstubal walks down the hallway...

Penstubal: Hello... anyone there?

As Penstubal is getting deeper into the hallway, he hears more louder ghost voices. He then comes in front of the door where the loudest sound is made. He opens the door and then a portal sucks Penstubal in...



Penstubal suddenly falls on the ground, only to find himself in a strange world...

Penstubal: Where the am i...

Penstubal finds himself in a world with lime green grass, light blue sky, strange looking turtles called "koppas", walking mushrooms and man eating plants...

Penstubal: Why does this place look like the video game...

Suddenly, a weird human with a red cap, blue overalls and a moustache comes by.


Mario: Umm, yes i am... err who are you, a weird fat penguin?

Penstubal: Hey, that's offensive!

Mario: Sorry.

Penstubal: My name is penstubal.

Mario: Penstubal, Penstewbal or Penstewball?

Penstubal: Penstubal... (writes Penstubal down)

Mario: Oh, cool name. So what are you doing here?

Penstubal: Dunno, i heard strange noises in my house and then i walked in my corridor and suddenly appeared here.

Mario: Interesting. I saw another penguin around here who said the same thing...

Penstubal: Anyway, got any idea how do i get out of this dimension?

Mario: Dunno. I tried to also find a way to get to other dimensions... but the pipes can only direct to around in this dimension.

Penstubal: Ok... got any idea where a pipe is?

Mario: Behind you.

Penstubal looks behind him to see a pipe.

Penstubal: ... oh. Well, i am going to go find a way how do i get out of this world and get to mine. Thanks Mario! Oh and btw, i'm your biggest fan!

Mario: Thanks, and goodbye!

Penstubal jumps in the pipe behind, ending the scene.

Chapter 2: What are you doing here?!Edit

Penstubal then lands somewhere deep underground

Penstuba: Hmm...

Penstubal walks and suddenly crashes into Dps.

Penstubal and Dps04: GAAAH! What are you doing here?!

Penstubal and Dps04: I was walking down my corridor and suddenly fell in this world!

Penstubal and Dps04: You did too?!

Penstubal and Dps04: What?!?

Penstubal: Well, i was walking down my corridor when i heard strange sounds, and suddenly i've been teleported here.

Dps04: Strange, same for me...

Penstubal: Wait, i remember that Mario told me something about a penguin who also fell here into this world and also said that he/she was walking down the corridor... could it be you???

Dps04: Yes, it is.

Penstubal: Wow. Meanwhile, we need to find the exit out of this world.

Dps04: Yes. I've been stuck here for a while.

Penstubal: How long is that while?

Dps04: 7 months.

(So Dps04 and Penstubal walk down the strange video game world, in hope of finding a way out of it...)

Slender (the penguin): (while hugging a tree) Home... home...

Dps04: Slender! What are you doing here?

Slender: (suddenly jumps frigtened and turns around to Dps04 and Penstubal) Oh, just umm... ehh...

Penstubal: Hugging trees?

Slender: ... yes.

Penstubal: Well still, what are you doing here?

Slender: I've been walking down the corridor in my house and suddenly some giant plan jumped out from a door and swallowed me, and i appeared next to this tree... hugging it...

Penstubal: And how long were you here?

Slender: 10 months.

(And so Penstubal, Dps04 and Slender were walking, trying to find a way home. Meanwhile, it was 10:30 PM.)

Dps04: (yawn) I'm tired.

Penstubal: (sigh) Me too...

Slender: (sleepwalking) ZzzZzZZZ...


Dps, Pen and Slender: GAAAH! What was that?!

(Suddenly, a barrel was rolling down a hill. Mario and Luigi were running from it.)

Mario and Luigi: GAH RUN GUYS RUUUN!

Dps, Pen and Slender: AAAH!!

(And so all five are running from the barrel. They hide behind a wall, and the barrel passes on downhill.)

Mario: Phew, that was close...

(Suddenly, the barrel comes back and crashes the wall. Dps, Pen, Slender, Mario and Luigi were knocked uncontious.)

(Suddenly, all five find themselves in a hospital.)

Penstubal: Woah... what are we doing here?

Luigi: I dunno.

(Suddenly, Mario Rk and Chill pass by the penguins in the hospital.)

Dps: Mario Rk? Chill??? What are you guys doing here?

Chill: Dunno. I was sleeping...

Mario Rk: and i woke up...

Chill: and found myself in front of a door.

Mario Rk: I opened the door and i...

Chill: ... suddenly found myself in front of a hospital room door.

Slender: (drinks cream soda) Strange.

Chill: Well, now we're trying to find a way to leave this world.

Mario: I can help you guys.

Chill: Thanks, Mario. Wait, MARIO? FROM THE VIDEO GAME?

Mario: Yes?

Chill: omigoshthisisintenseplsmakemoregamesyouarethebestomggg

(Penstubal then slaps Chill with a frying pan. Chill falls uncontious.)

Chill: Ow.

Penstubal: This will do for now.

Mario Rk: ... you meanie!

Chapter 3: Piranha PlantsEdit

(Penstubal, Dps, Slender, Mario, Luigi, Mario Rk and Chill were walking down some dirty road. It was stormy.)

Luigi: I never saw this place in my entire life.

Mario: Me neither.

Chill: You don't know your own world?! What kind of Mario and Luigi are you ;_;

(Then the 7 penguins pass by a field with 20 pipes.)

Penstubal: What's this place? (Penstubal then walks by the pipes)

Mario: NO, DON'T!!!

(Suddenly, a piranha plant gets out of each pipe)

Penstubal: GAAAAAAAAH!!

Dps: AH! (gets catched by a piranha plant)

(A piranha plant swallows Dps. Then the 6 remaining penguins run around in circles unknowing of what to do. Suddenly, Slender found an item box. He takes the items from the item box, and becomes big. He gets a red suit and white cap.)


(Slender attacks the Piranha Plants but gets swallowed.)

Mario, Luigi, Chill and Mario Rk: You know, we can just avoid these pipes.

Penstubal: Agreed.

(And so the 5 remaining penguins go around the pipes, and they survived.)

Chapter 4: The First BattleEdit

(The 5 penguins reach Princess Peach's castle.)

Penstubal: How'd we get here?

Mario: I don't know!

(Suddenly, some koopa jumps out of a window, holding Princess Peach, who is screaming "Help!". The koopa is Bowser.)

Mario Rk: Peach is in trouble! GET HIM!

(The 5 Penguins start chasing Bowser.)

Meanwhile on the road, Sharkbate, Hat Pop, Dave, Isai and Bro are walking, wondering where are they. Then, The 5 Penguins crash into the other five penguins.

Penstubal: What? What are you doing here, Dave?

Chill: Broseph how'd you get here?

Mario Rk: What?

Sharkbate: We were walking down the street in Wizzint and next thing we noticed is that we fell on our faces, and then after getting up we ended up here...

Hat Pop: Yes, indeed strange...

Chill: Well, we are trying to get out of this universe.

Isai: So are we. So lets go! Enough chatting!

Penstubal: Ok.

Penstubal: Man... ever since i was ran over by that ice cream truck my head hurts...

Bro: ... you got ran over by an ice cream truck?

Penstubal: Yeah.

Penstubal walks for a short time, and then falls on the ground.

Hat: You okay?

Penstubal: Not really... my bones hurt... and my head...

Sharkbate: You know, we can stop walking and try to help you?

Penstubal: No no... we must go on. Let's go.

Suddenly, as they're walking, Isai trips and falls on a weird looking mushroom. Then, the mushroom began to grow large, and then, some large walls came out of the ground. Every second, the walls would be closer to the penguins.

Isai: WHAT THE? Ahh!!!

Penstubal: Quick guys! Try to push the walls as far as you can!

Sharkbate: It wouldn't be worth anyway!

Penstubal: You've got a point... guys, think!!

The walls were nearby squashing them. The penguins think. And then suddenly, they look up, where there is no ceiling. Penstubal gets an idea.


Suddenly, Penstubal grabs a grappling gun he has been keeping in his pocket for ages.

Hat: When did you find time to grab a grappling hook?

Penstubal: No time to explain!

Then, he shoot himself up and he got out. Then, he threw the grappling hooks down to the others, and they also got out. Isai, the last one who was going to get up, was almost crushed, but he survived.

Dave: We are SAVED!

Penstubal: Woo hoo!

Then, they see some big portal that is sucking the entire world in down the road. The wind is making the penguins go to the portal to get sucked in.

Dave: AH!

(Dave grabs a tree, but the tree then comes off the ground)

(Hat attempts to hold on an nearby mushroom tree but fails)

All the penguins: AAAAAAAAAH!

(FOOP! They all get sucked in.)

The en- (POW) Oh, it's not?

Chapter 5: Getting back home from nowhereEdit

(FOOOOOOOOOOP! The penguins fall on the ground from the sky. They all get up.)

Penstubal: Ugh... my back... where are we...

Hat: Well... i think we are back in our world and that we are in Shops Island, but in the middle of nowhere there.

Dave: Awww maaaan! (kicks some rock, which then slides away. Some letter is revealed.)

Penstubal: What's this? (Penstubal picks up the letter)

(The letter: Dear stranger, i am Woodhopper, one of the really elder penguins in the Rockhopper family who is just about to pass out now [a few minutes after i wrote this letter that is]. I have been dying because i am out of food. And let me tell you something. So yeah, i have been here before i died. And i wanna tell you guys that, if you wanna get to the nearest city, which is Penguin City, you have to go north where you would go to the top of the Chilly Peaks, and then go forward more and you would get to Penguin City. You may see some forests on your way, and that's where you might be able to find food and other stuff. The trip is about 4 days long by feet. Thank you for listening.)

Sharkbate: Oh dear.

Penstubal: Come on guys! We haven't got time to lose!

(And so the group heads north to the Chilly Peaks. It was an long adventure. Penstubal once fell of a cliff. Hat was accidentally tripped by Dave and that way an avalanche was caused, and the group was stuck in a log cabin for 5 hours. But we finally reached the top of Chilly Peaks.)

Penstubal: What a beautiful view!

Isai: I see my house from here! (shouts) HI MOM!!!

Echo: HI MOM!!! HI MOM!!! HI MOM!!!

Sharkbate: Careful! You can cause an avalanche!

Isai: Sorry.

(Meanwhile, Dps and Slender jump in front of Penstubal behind he's back and Penstubal trips.)

Penstubal: GAAAAAH!

Dps: Hello there, buddy!

Chill: How'd you get back here? You were eaten by a plant!

Slender: It turned out the plant was actually a shortcut to the top of Chilly Peaks.

Penstubal: WHAAAAAAAT??!!!11

Penstubal: RAAAAAAAAAAAGH! (Penstubal kicks a rock)

Penstubal: (Penstubal jumps on one leg, holding his foot) OW OW OW!

Mario and Luigi: Hey Penstubal, calm down. Please.

Mario Rk: Yeah, you will hurt yourself.

Dps: Meanwhile, going downhill this way will lead us to Penguin City. There we can catch a flight or something to go to Wizzint.


Slender: Lets go!

(And yet another really long trip. Penstubal tripped down hill and the group had to chase him. Penstubal hit a tree at the end, and apples fell off the tree. The group ate the apples and continued they're trip. and they finally arrived at Penguin City after a 6 day trip across the ENTIRE mountain and 1 day time to find the exit. Penstubal then tripped on the sidewalk and hugged it.)


(Sharkbate then wacked Penstubal with a mullet.)

Penstubal: OW, that hurt!

Sharkbate: Sorry, had to do what's right.

Hat: Look! There's the Penguin Airs airport! They surely have a flight terminal to Wizzint!

Penstubal: Yeah, let's go!

(And the group went straight forward the Penguin Airs airport. There, they caught a flight to Wizzint. The plane took off and Penstubal was reading newspaper. Then, stormy clouds came by at the middle of the flight.)


Sharkbate: Oh boy.

(Then, a turbulence started. Everyone was tripping around. The plane was cracking.)


(Then, the door fell of the plane. Almost all in the group got sucked in.0

Chill: AAAAAAAAAH!!! GUYS!!!!!!!!! HEEEEEEEEEELP!!!! AAAAAH (and he fell off the plane into the water, and then Penstubal also tripped and fell into the water)

Penstubal: AAAAAH!

(as soon as Penstubal fell into the water, he heard someone talking in the water...)

Hat: Penstubal, wake up...

Mario Rk: Pen, wake up... wake up...

Penstubal: What the?

(Then, he closed his eyes and he was hit by a frying pan. He then jumped out of his bed in Wizzint and screamed.)



(Hat spills a bucket of water on Penstubal)

Penstubal: (blub blub) what the... What happend???!!! WE ARE HOME??

(Chill, Hat and Yoshi were the penguins in front of Pen that tried to wake him up)

Penstubal: Woah... i had a terrible dream. And Mario was there. And Luigi was there. And you, Chill, were there. You were there too, Hat. And you were NOT there, Yoshi. Wow. And then it all happend by and- wow.

Chill: Your boss from Dunder Mifflin requested for us to wake you up because you are 7 hours late. Now wake up and get to work!

Penstubal: Ok! (gets out of the bed and runs to the Dunder Mifflin building, forgetting to put pants on.)

Yoshi: I am guessing that the ice cream truck hit him so hard he forgot to put on pants.

Hat and Chill: Duh.

(And then they both walk away.)