Slenderin, full name Vladimir Slenderin, (2003-) is the current General Secretary of the Ultranationalist Party of the Ruscan Union, the ruling and sole legal party of the RU, making him in effect the de facto ruler of the Ruscan Union. Previously, he also served as the Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet and the Chairman of the Council of Ministers (also known as Premier). Similarly to how his technical 'father' SlenderXP is known as the 'White Emperor', Slenderin is known as the 'White Secretary' for his right-wing views and pale white biological appearance.


Bred in a secret cloning lab located in San Anderrie, Moon Island, Slenderin was officially born on 5th August 2003. His genetic template is then-Golden Coast President Slender. He was given the birth name of Vladimir Slenderin, as Slender intended to groom him to be the ruler of the Ruscan Union.

At birth, Slenderin was biologically 10 years old. He was also programmed to be able to learn things faster with a photographic memory. This allowed him to receive education almost immediately after birth. By the time he's 15 years old, Slenderin was admitted to Mosnovich University to study accounting and political science, graduating 2 years later with a Master's Degree in both. Upon graduation, he managed to be one of the UPRU's (Ultranationalist Party of the Ruscan Union) accountant and party official. In 2013, he was in the UPRU's Central Committee and appointed by the General Secretary back then to be the Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet, which made him the ceremonial head of state of the Ruscan Union. As the head of state, his duties were mainly diplomatic. Although the position was very prestigious and influential (despite its lack of power), Slenderin resented his position. He wanted to be the General Secretary.

In 2015, Slender overthrew the Nexonan Emperor and became the new Emperor. In coordination, Slenderin also pulled off a coup and overthrew the current General Secretary and Premier, executing them and their allies in a series of purges known as the White Purges. He temporarily occupied the two positions before resigning from them in 31st December 2015. To this day, he remains as the General Secretary and the true ruler of the Ruscan Union.


Personal LifeEdit

As the General Secretary of the UPRU, Slenderin enjoys perks and privileges which ordinart Ruscans couldn't even imagine of in their wildest dreams. These ranged from a vast collection of luxury cars, yachts, luxury residences to a huge personal staff, immunity from the law and even a personal spa resort built to cater exclusively for high-ranking government officials.