United Moon Island
United moon island
The Party's Logo
Leader Dps04
President Jonas Moon MP
Chairman Li Huachun
Founder Dps04
Other information
Founded January 30, 2027
Headquarters Dancing Penguin City, Moon Island
Ideology Social liberalism,
Green politics
Political position Centre-left
Colors Green
Membership 16,700
Moon Island Council
36 / 80

United Moon Island (Chinese: 統一月島黨) is a centre-left political party based in Dancing Penguin City, the capital of Moon Island. From 2027 to 2036, it was led by Dps04, who was also the founder of the party, and was the ruling party of the independent Republic of Moon Island.

The party was formed by a merger of a series of left to centre-left parties, many of which exist and were founded before the establishment of the Republic of Moon Island. Notable parties which merged into United Moon Island include the Green Party of Moon Island and Eastern Shops, a left political party which proposed Green politics, and the Labour Party of Moon Island.

In 2027, the party received 36 seats in the Moon Island Council, 5 short of a majority. Among the 36 seats, 16 are received through parliamentary elections, and the other 20 seats are appointed by Dps04, who was the President. As a result, the party formed an alliance with the Progressive Party of Moon Island, after left-wing political party who has 5 seats in the parliament to form a coalition government. The coalition would last until 2036, when United Moon Island was deffeated by right-wing Liberal Party in the 2036 Parliamentary Election.